Made to fit you – choose your WoodPack

The WoodPack instruments are made of various kinds of woods, which influences the final sound of the instrument and its price. The instruments are usually tuned in D minor, in case you are interested in other tuning (any kind of key or scale), please contact me and I can make you a personalized instrument.

WoodPack® RedEarth

Padauk is the most used wood for making WoodPack instruments. The texture of the wood is smooth, colored Orange/Brown and the acoustic is balanced, with warm tone and pleasant overtones. It comes from West Africa. It's perfect for Hand drumming. Check it out in e-shop

  • Very balanced 
  • Powerful resonance
  • Lot of tuned overtones
  • Long sustain

WoodPack® SunRise

For Sunrise model I use different resonant woods. Most of them come from Asia. Flagship of SunRise is Borneo Mahogany wood, its characteristic sound consist of:


  • Mellow Bass
  • Less overtones in Hihgs
  • Middle sustain

WoodPack® AfroBlue

The AfroBlue model has a specific sound and appearance. As its name suggests, percussive African music speaks for its sound. Despite the "tribal feel", this instrument is equally perfectly tuned. The wood used for the soundboard is dark, it is African walnut or Black maple. The instrument is ideal for mallets playing, and for up tempos.

  • Percussive, but pleasant tone
  • Quick response
  • Short sustain